Saturday, October 25, 2008

NASA TV Online

Inside NASA TV online, one can have the chance to see the actual launch of space shuttles and witness incredible space missions that the willing astronauts are undertaking. Repair missions to the only mega structure on space, the International Space Station, are also highlighted in its video galleries and even some live video footages. For the feasting eyes of the public that cannot seem to be satisfied with videos alone, captured photos with amazing angle shots are available for everyone to get mesmerized. You can actually view tons of galleries and leave a comment about any picture whenever you would like to post any feedback. In addition, there are also history archives posted that tell us of the different space milestones that helped change man's way of living today.

To maximize the features of NASA TV, you can freely sign up anytime and receive updates about NASA everyday. With this, you can already create your own comments and make your own reviews in NASA blogs. Moreover, NASA TV is not boring, as what some people say because you can actually participate in interactive features such as puzzles, games and simulation of space adventures. You can see the universe using space telescopes and experience how it is to be a member of the space control team. Although all of these are just imitations, these activities will surely test your knowledge about space and you will be amazed how many space technologies are now being used in our homes. Therefore, with NASA TV online, you will not only be educated but have fun as well.

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